Plastimed recognises the role it has to play in providing products and services that minimise their impact on the environment and consumers.

Doing More For Our Planet

There is an absolute link between sustainability and profitability. Our commitment to green practices is not only environmentally sound, it makes good business sense.

Environmental Stewardship

We aim to create packaging that maximises environmental performance without compromising customer satisfaction, whilst continuously improving environmental efficiency.

We Are Committed to:

Our ‘Go Green’ drive to reduce, re-use and recycle.
Adhering to the strictest environmental standards.
Taking a leading role as a responsible producer.
Actively developing and supporting industry initiatives.

Plastimed has taken an initiative towards sustainable plastics.
we use a percentage of recycled plastic to manufacture our non food items. The rest is sold to other recycling and manufacturing companies. This was how Polymers S.A was born. .

As a plastic moulding company and contract manufacturer, Plastimed sits at the centre of the supply chain and has a duty and an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact on the plastics industry.

We can directly affect product design, material selection and waste handling, and we have influence throughout the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished goods and beyond. This is why we put our commitment to creating sustainable solutions at the heart of everything we do, and it is why we give careful consideration to our choices at every step in the process.


The major advantage of plastic bottles and jars in recycled PET and recycled HDPE is that they form an integral part of the circular economy. The production of the raw materials saves energy in comparison to the amount used to create virgin plastics, making a significant contribution to the lowering of carbon emissions. The recycling of plastic bottles and jars forms an integral part of this closed loop system and enables them to be used over and over again.

Of course there are also some concerns about using recycled plastics as a raw material; there is no free ride and the sustainable use of plastics comes at a cost. The main concern for Plastimed, as a producer of recycled packaging, is the stability of the raw material and the tightness of the specifications which can lead to cosmetic imperfections. When recycled plastics are used the colour can deviate more, whereas virgin materials have very tight specifications

GREEN plastics

Plastimed’s Go green model is based on continuous developments where both recycled and bio-based plastics have their specific role.

The main advantage of BIO-based plastics

The main advantage of bio-based plastics is that society now has a raw material stream with a possibly negative carbon emission value. The main disadvantage is that it is mostly first generation feedstock like corn or sugar cane that is used in its creation which increases the pressure on scarce resources like water and land and intensifies agricultural developments. In the near future, a second generation of feedstocks can be used which are derived from the organic waste streams which should counter the main concerns raised about the use of bio-based plastic.

BIO-based PET is our newest development

Our latest development is bio-based PET or rather PEF (polyethylene furanoate). This bio-based material is not yet available industrially although several pilot plants are currently producing small lots to assess its process-ability and characteristics.