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In the food market, the reduction of weight and the problems arising from breaking glass causing fragments and splinters, are reasons to convert to PET packaging. Nowadays, products like candies, liquorice and sweets, also honey and spices, are mostly packed in PET containers. Slowly but surely, manufacturers and contract fillers for sauces food products are converting to PET packaging.

Our range of food packaging includes narrow neck bottles and wide mouth jars, from 30 ml to 25 litres, which can be used with hinged caps or standard aluminium or dispensing closures.

Plastimed has a wide range of packaging for body and personal care products.
We have developed standard and custom made packaging, ranging from heavy clear wall cosmetic jars, double wall cream jars, and airless dispensing systems for facial products.

Our products are suitable for cleansings lotions, milks and anti-acne products, our unique designs will make your product look better, give a nice appeal and build stronger connections with your customers

The latest development is our plastic tubes for creams and lotions, as well as double wall disc top closure which has a large diameter providing a uniform cylindrical design on both HDPE as PET bottles that we have created.

For pharmaceutical and healthcare products the requirements for packaging mostly regard stability and reliability. Our customers for filling products like vitamins, cough syrups and nasal products, accept that our packaging meets their requirements in every aspect.

We provide an extensive line of high-quality packaging solutions meeting all regulatory compliances.

Our fine mist sprayers with nasal and throat adapters are also used in the healthcare segment.

All of our packaging can be silk screen printed up to 6 colours or labelled using our state of the art latest technology machines in order to give you the best quality product at the best price.

Our customers provide products to create and protect the garden so desired by their owners. Garden care products include different segments, such as fertilizers and bugs and disease control, as well as products for flowers and rose care.

Sprayers for gardencare packaging

Products need to be differently applied, and these specific uses therefore require packaging like trigger sprayers and fine mist sprayers, in combination with PET and HDPE bottles. In the case of ticks and fleas, or the elimination of other insects, special dispensing closures which are also suitable for powders provide a packaging solution which can do the job.

Keeping your car in a brand-new shape requires many automotive products, like car polish and wax, brim and engine cleaners. A freshly cleaned and waxed car looks great if you work in an industry in which car care products are important. Under severe conditions, your engine might need additives to optimise performance, or products that remove deposits from the fuel systems.

Trigger pumps with a high output

Plastimed supplies standard and custom made packaging, consisting of PE and PET bottles, trigger pumps and high output fine mist sprayers, to create a car care line that allows your brand to build even stronger connections with your customers.

This industry works with products like surface and floor cleaners, as well as the people who use it. We are very familiar with cleaning systems with refillable options for professional use, as well as the special requirements for dispensing and spraying technology.

Professional trigger sprayer is leading 

Our portfolio of products includes industrial trigger sprayers with high-output and an ergonomic design. Our sprayers are industry leading due to its performance and is available with long tubes for products like oven and grill cleaners.

Our products are perfect for integrated cleaning solutions.

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Plastimed is always developing new products to keep updated with the latest market trends and technologies.

This increases the diversity of our standard products. We’re different and love trying out new things!

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Sometimes we make a series of products extended with other neck sizes or volumes as well. We make more matching components for the bottles and or jars.

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