Plastimed Story

And so our story began…

A company that first opened its doors in 2015, Plastimed is a proudly South African story of humble beginnings and solid determination.

Back before the titles of Director and CEO, Mohammed Rishaad Joosab had two goals, to rise to the challenge of creating a successful business and to be able to empower other South Africans. He realised  the best way to do this was to use the knowledge he gained through his degree in Business Management and Marketing, to create his own uniquely South African corporate company. One that would fulfil his aim of uplifting poverty in South Africa by helping small businesses prosper.

With this intention he began his first venture into producing and bottling sauces. A good first business to begin with, it helped Mohammed Rishaad realise that there was a growing demand for the bottles he packaged, rather than the sauces themselves. A budding entrepreneur, he saw this as a golden opportunity and redirected his focus into a new company, Plastimed.

The plastic industry is a daunting space to one who isn’t familiar with it. Mohammed Rishaad found he had an advantage as he had grown up learning about the plastic industry from his father Imran, who had a wealth of knowledge from his experience of over 30 years in the Plastic Manufacturing sector. Although his father had since changed business interests and was no longer in the manufacturing industry, he agreed to step in as an expert consultant to help Mohammed Rishaad understand the market and its niches completely.

With this knowledge and a hunger for success, Mohammed Rishaad did his first few trades in 2015. The journey to date has not been an easy one especially for someone who was still new to the business world.

With the guidance and advice of his business savvy father and God’s immense grace and mercy, Plastimed has grown from a small, inconspicuous company to one that’s now supplying both home businesses and large corporate companies locally and internationally.]


Start-up businesses

So what is it that makes Plastimed unique?

For our start up entrepreneurs our aim is to help start small businesses in South Africa and grow them by supplying packaging services to customers.

In our opinion every client, big or small, should be able to purchase their goods, no matter what quantity and receive equal fast service at the best pricing possible.

With this objective in mind we established a service whereby our customers get tailor-made advice and suggestions in order to use the best products for their business industry.

We offer a full package option with bottles, and on board graphic designer to help with branding such as stickers, labels, silk screen printing, pad printing, in mould labelling, heat shrink labelling and much more.

Finally we offer packaging options such as boxes, crates and plastic pallets to ensure your products are shelf ready instantly.



For our corporate and global clients, we convert a wide range of polymers such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET and PETG using the latest in manufacturing and design processes like IM, IBM, EBM and ISBM.

Together with our design team we will conceptualise and create a 3D model for you to visualise. Once you’re completely satisfied with your product, we are able to create a mould for your own unique bottle.

Plastimed offers a tailored approach to individual customer needs. We focus on ensuring customer requirements are met, a quality product is delivered in the shortest time and that we build a lasting relationship with our customers as their businesses grow and prosper.


The Plastimed Team

We have an excellent team of people with a great blend of experience, technical knowledge, drive and enthusiasm. We believe that investing in our people is absolutely key to running a successful business and we are lucky to have so many long serving, dedicated staff.

Our aim is to ensure that our service levels more than meet our customers’ expectations and we do that by producing quality products, on-time and with a smile on our faces! Customer relationships are everything to us, people deal with people and we always strive to create a lasting impression and relationship with our customers.


Our Vision

Plastimed was created with one idea, to help South Africans prosper and gain financial independence.

We know that there are a multitude of business opportunities that many South African entrepreneurs are waiting to seize but that start-up costs are often too expensive. Plastimed aims to mitigate this risk for the start-up entrepreneur, by providing the best quality product at competitive prices in the quantity that the customer requires.

Our long term mission is to create a business that upholds the values of old, to combine quality and quantity for our customers and deliver it to them in the shortest time frame possible.


Core Values

Plastimed honours its oath to provide its national and international customers with tailor made, high quality durable products at competitive prices and to ensure that all products are delivered to you timeously, either through our delivery fleet or courier partners.

Our Principles

High Quality Products

Competitive Prices

Customer Service

Improve and Evolve

Invest In Our Staff


Proudly South African

Plastimed and the team behind it would like to thank you for choosing us as your designated supplier and for supporting a proudly South African company! 🇿🇦