Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing is ideal for a number of applications, allowing for specialized, small-run jobs at unsurpassed levels of quality. It rivals the finest offset or UV flexo printed products and can be supplied in any shape, type of paper, or film substrate.

Digital label printing combines design flexibility with significant production cost savings. The use of digital software not only eliminates the time and costs associated with the production of printing plates but also allows changes to be made to the label design at little or no additional cost. This is ideal for prototypes or small runs, as it enables customers to adjust their labeling as needed as their products evolve. It is also ideal for promotional labels for holidays or special events, as clients can produce labeling in virtually any volume without the initial investment required by conventional printing.



What Is Screen Bottle Printing? Screen Printing (commonly referred to as Silk Screen Printing), is one of the most popular bottle decorating techniques in the packaging industry. Unlike a label, screen printing is a form of decoration where ink is directly printed onto a container.

Our Screen printing machines can do up to 5 colour passes with a minimum order quantity of just 5 000 units



Pad printing allows us to print on smaller surfaces such as closures and 10ml bottles.
This is offered as an added service in which Plastimed helps you brand your products to make sure you’re shelf ready!



Heat transfer printing is a newer decoration method, more cost effective and quicker process, used mainly for buckets and large runs of printing.
This process is cheaper than In Mould Labelling and has the very same effect as using a high quality printed label.

With heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, your custom logo or design is printed onto transfer paper and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to your plastic buckets/bottles using heat and pressure.



This is the application of labels to containers or bottles during the manufacturing process, the machine places the printed label (paper or foil) inside the moulds or containers before starting the moulding process. This fuses the product with the label and eliminates the need for labelling post production, making our assembly process quicker and more cost effective for our customers to have a branded product!