Plastimed recognises the role it has to play in providing products and services that minimise their impact on the environment and consumers.

Doing More For Our Planet

There is an absolute link between sustainability and profitability. Our commitment to green practices is not only environmentally sound, it makes good business sense.

Environmental Stewardship

We aim to create packaging that maximises environmental performance without compromising customer satisfaction, whilst continuously improving environmental efficiency.

We are committed to:

Our ‘Go Green’ drive to reduce, re-use and recycle.
Adhering to the strictest environmental standards.
Taking a leading role as a responsible producer.
Actively developing and supporting industry initiatives.

Plastimed has embarked on a programme whereby certain customers are encouraged to return post-consumer PET/HDPE bottles ,which are then granulated and ground and the material mixed with virgin PET/HDPE, then used in certain non-food grade applications.