Blow Moulding

Through the use of world class blow moulding equipment, Plastimed ensures all clients the highest standard in volume output, and environmentally friendly lightweight bottles. Plastimed is your one-stop shop for blow moulded bottles and containers.

Our wide range covers from 100ml bottles right through to 25litre bottles for the automotive, chemicals, paints/hardware, food and other industries.

200ml Dumpy - HDPE
Package Size: 200
500ml Dumpy - HDPE
Package Size: 100
1 Litre Perm - HDPE
Package Size: 50
1 Litre Waist - HDPE
Package Size: 50
2 Litre milk - HDPE
Package Size: 100
5 Litre Jerry Can - HDPE
Package Size: 24
25 Litre Jerry Can - HDPE
Package Size: 8
125ml HDPE with a tomiser
Package Size: 100
750ml Jik
Package Size: 100
500gr Aqueous Jar
Package Size: 100
1 Litre bleach with trigger spary HDPE
Package Size: 100
25 Litre tap & spanner
Package Size: